UniLend OMNIS Integrates Bug Bounty Program on ImmuneFi with maximum rewards up to $25,000.🎉🎉🎉

UniLend Finance is a Decentralized Protocol that combines spot trading and AMM with Lending and Borrowing services through smart contracts and it’s main goal is unlocking the true potentials of DeFi which is why UniLend OMNIS is about to be launched.
UniLend OMNIS has gone through different stages and processes like the launch of it’s Whitepaper, the revealing of it’s source code, making UniLend OMNIS source code live on Github and now Bug Bounty Programme is about to be launched on Immunefi by UniLend OMNIS.
Bug Bounty Program is a process whereby an organisation, company or firm gives ethical hackers permission to test their applications in order to detect if it contains certain types of vulnerabilities in order for it to be corrected. For example: After setting up a website or portal for a school, it has to be tested in order to be sure there is no diversion in payments or mistakes in registration and this helps the school put out a tested and trusted website or portal to the public.

Immunefi is the leading bug bounty platform for smart contracts and crypto projects. It enables security researchers to review code, disclose vulnerabilities, and get paid doing so, and allows companies to secure their projects with top security talent. Its services are used by leading projects in DeFi, including Arbitrum, TheGraph, Polygon, Yearn Finance, PancakeSwap, and SushiSwap.

With UniLend's OMNIS integration on Immunefi, it's believed that OMNIS is 85% ready to be launched and a very important message is sent which contains the fact that UniLend's OMNIS is highly secured and all data is safe.



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